Generation Z Influencing Generation Z.

“Friends are the greatest segue to the discovery of new brands.”

- September 2019 Survey of 1,000 Generation Z Consumer


The Power of the Generation Z Consumer

  • For Gen Z consumers, friends are the greatest segue to the discovery of new brands, followed by advertisements, YouTube, and store visits. William Blair Gen Z Survey, September 2019

  • Generation Z is the largest generation ever, representing 25% of the U.S. population and comprising the largest segment (more than one-third) of Instagram’s one billion monthly users.

  • Generation Z—consumers born between 1995 and 2012—command $44 billion in spending power and influence $600 billion in family spending.

  • 73% of Gen Z consumers follow at least one brand on Instagram, and 52% follow three or more. The Center for Generational Kinetics, 2018

  • 63% of Gen Z consumers would rather see real people than celebrities in product ads on social media. Forbes, 2017

  • Opinions members of Generation Z get from their social networks influence eight out of 10 individuals to shop at a retailer they have never shopped at before. Marketing Charts, 2016

  • 83% of Gen Z consumers say they trust product information shared by other shoppers more than advertising. Marketing Charts, 2016

  • Micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates, which is “the key factor in an influencer’s ultimate success when it comes to commercial viability.” Forbes, 2018

  • Because of their large presence on social media, direct access to an extremely attractive demographic, and considerable spending power, college students have become a key influencer group for brands. The New York Times, 2018