How Zfluence Works

Zfluence is addressing the biggest problem in the influencer marketing space: the growing lack of authenticity that results from “pay-to-say” posts on Instagram.

Because the vast majority of influencer relations efforts are cash-based and influencers are told exactly what to post, the resulting posts are inauthentic, ineffective, and have very little to do with genuine brand loyalty. Zfluence is adding authenticity to the $10 billion Instagram advertising economy by focusing on genuine brand passion, which leads to honest and believable posts that make a real impact.

Zfluence works like dating apps where women make the first move. “Zfluencers”—influential members of Generation Z who have applied and been accepted into the Zfluence network—initiate the relationship by choosing the brands in the Zfluence Brand Community that they love and want to promote on Instagram. The brands are notified and given the opportunity to approve the Zfluencers with whom they’d like to work, and then the Instagram posting begins.

Influencers do not pay a fee but must apply and be accepted as Zfluencers. Brands pay a monthly fee to be part of the Zfluence Brand Community and reward their Zfluencers with merchandise. Bespoke relationships, where brands have influencer exclusivity, for example, are available and priced individually.