Join the Zfluence Brand Community, and leverage the persuasive power of Gen Z nano-influencers who are genuinely passionate about your brand. Being a member of the Zfluence Brand Community is easy, costs a fraction of the price of other influencer marketing efforts, and requires very little management time.

Unlimited Access. Zfluence will introduce you—on an ongoing basis—to an unlimited number of Generation Z influencers who are passionate about your brand and would love to promote you on Instagram.

Inexpensive and Effective. Zfluence drives drive down the costs of your influencer campaigns while increasing their effectiveness by taking cash compensation out of the equation and enabling you to reward your Zfluencers with merchandise only. This “ultra-filter” ensures that you’ll be working with your most genuine fans.

Less Than One Hour Per Week. Managing your Zfluencer relationships is quick and easy. Zfluence’s collaborative tracking system is simple, straightforward, and reduces to less than an hour per week the time it takes to approve and monitor your ambassador relationships.

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